Bigg Boss Telugu 7 TRP Rating This Week 2023 [Updated]

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 TRP Rating This Week 2023: The TRP rating chart for the 7th season of the Telugu language TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ is listed below. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 premiered on September 3rd with 22 contestants and received a positive response from television viewers, and the show is currently airing on Telugu’s top entertainment channel, Star Maa. The ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Grand Launch episode garnered 8.86 TRP, making it the most-watched TV show of the week in the urban+rural Telugu-speaking markets. Here is the most recent list of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 BARC TRP ratings.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 TRP Rating

WeekTRP (U+R)Rank
Week 2
(10 September to  16 September 2021)
Weekend – 4.17 (Urban – 5.97)


Week Days – 2.70 (Urban – 4.54)

Week 1
(03 September to  09 September 2021)
8.86 (Urban – 6.53)1

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 TRP Rating 

WeekTRP (U+R)Rank
Bigg Boss Season 5 Finale
(18 December to 24 December 2021)
11.81 (Urban – 16.04)1
Week 15
(11 December to 17 December 2021)
3.82 (Weekends: 7.01)4
Week 14
(04 December to 10 December 2021)
3.42 (Weekends: 7.48)6
Week 13
(27 November to 03 December 2021)
3.28 (Weekends: 5.93)8
Week 12
(20 November to 26 November 2021)
3.82 (Weekends: 6.22)4
Week 11
(13 November to 19 November 2021)
3.78 (Weekends: 6.24)4
Week 10
(06 November to 12 November 2021)
3.48 (Weekends: 6.22)10
Week 9
(30 October to 05 November 2021)
3.19 (Weekends: 6.39)9
Week 8
(23 October to 29 October 2021)
3.74 (Weekends: 7.14)8
Week 7
(16 October to 22 October 2021)
3.39 (Weekends: 6.54)7
Week 6
(09 October to 15 October 2021)
3.22 (Navaratri Special: 7.28)6
Week 5
(02 October to 08 October 2021)
(Weekends: 7.02)
Week 4
(25 September to 01 October 2021)
(Weekends: 6.19)
Week 3
(18 September to 24 September 2021)
(Weekends: 6.68)
Week 2
(11 September to 17 September 2021)
(Weekends: 6.88)
Week 1
(4 September to 10 September 2021)
(1st Episode: 15.70)

Bigg Boss Telugu TRP Chart All Season

Here is the complete list of Bigg Boss Telugu TRPs for all seasons, beginning with Season 1’s first episode, which was hosted by Jr. NTR and received 16.18. The first episodes of the second, third, and fourth seasons aired at 15.05, 17.92, and 18.50, respectively. Now comes the latest season of Bigg Boss, with the first episode receiving only 15.70. Surprisingly, Season 6 of the Telugu Big Boss program received only an 8.86 TRP Rating, the lowest of all seasons.

Seasons (First Episode Only)TRPRank
Season 68.866
Season 515.704
Season 418.501
Season 317.922
Season 215.055
Season 116.183

Data Source: BARC

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So there you have it, a detailed chart of Star Maa’s Bigg Boss Telugu 7 TRP Rating. Keep checking back for the most recent Bigboss Telugu Season 7 weekly TRP Ratings and more.

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  1. I am in tamil nadu .. Waching this season completely unfortunately. My question for you all is how come you all support shunmug . He is completely playing all physical task with the help of siri and you all are supporting him till this time. I had a great respect on telegu people. And in married a girlbfrom your community boz for love and truth. But i shame why you all are supporting shunmug. He have to feel the looser trophy for what he did. He was still here boz of siri.

  2. You all really see the game. Who is the winner for this season. Some one is putting all the hard word to entertain you all. But why you all supporting some one always hug by saying friendship hug. I really dont belive on it. I feel its a kind of instint they are fooling southindians. While hugging..let them come and put case not a matter

  3. Enough of fooling siri shanmuk.. Pls respect her first..pakka u r provoking her and saying you are my friend and doing all your friendship stuff. And making a women to play for you. Men are more stregnthen to play physical game but she playing for friend ship. But you are playing a game and blaming her only that you are shamed with this friendship. No one can play like you shanmug. You have to be a looser not a winner.

  4. I was being quite. But you you not doing any task properly. Sriram done a task after he got a lot of hurt. But what you did. Have youndistrubed any one to loose there game. Nothing..wen you dont get any to play. Why you came. Unfit for bigboss. Umma garu is a better player than you mr. Shanmug. Sorry deepti. I commented what he is doing. Appologies for it.

  5. I am a big hatter of his game play. Ammaiku aada pilla have to support. But here he need a girl. By saying some thing vefore afyer freez of famil merting task he will say friendship hug. What it mean. You know it very welll. Not even a single vote i have given to him.. He pissed of by using a innocent girl siri.

  6. He spoiled the respect which i have. He is not bramha. Ne is saguni. No value for him.. I am geeling not to look for trophy. If he plays alone..i will comment properly..untill dont ask him to look that trophy..he is not fit

  7. Shanmukh and Siri are pakka game players and now Sriram also joined … I want Sunny Manas or Kajal to win.. if shanmukh Siri or Seiram will win I ll not watch telugu big boss hereafter. Sriram n shanmukh are insulting kajal then siri insulting sunny and Nagarjun sir is quite.. I didnt like


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