Star Maa Serials List and Timings 2023: Schedule Today, List Of New Serials, Watch Today Episode Online

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Star Maa Serials List and Timings 2023: Star Maa is one of the most famous Telugu channels for Daily Serials and the Latest Telugu Movies. The Channel formerly known as Maa TV launched 20 years ago in 2002. Star India bought the broadcast business of MAA Television Network for a whopping ₹2,500 crore in 2015. స్టార్ మా ఛానల్ is the most-watched Telugu channel in both Telugu states.

Here in this post, we will update the Complete List of Star Maa TV Telugu Serials List Today, List Of Television Serials And Shows With Telecast Time, Maa TV Telugu Serial timings of today, and Telugu Live Serials Show on Star Maa.

Star Maa Serials List and Timings 2023

Name of SerialStar Maa Serial TimingsStar Maa Show Days
Guppedantha Manasu5:30 PM – 6:00 AMMonday to Saturday
Intinti Gruhalakshmi6:00 AM – 6:30 AMMonday to Saturday
Intiki Deepam Illalu7:00 AM – 7:30 AMMonday to Saturday
Radha Krishna7:30 AM – 8:00 AMMonday to Saturday
Sri Renuka Yellamma8:30 AM – 9:00 AMMonday to Saturday
Paape Maa Jeevanajyothi12:00 PM – 12:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Nuvvu Nenu Prema12:30 PM – 1:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Intiki Deepam Illalu1:00 PM – 1:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Janaki Kalaganaledu1:30 PM – 2:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Madhura Nagarilo2:00 PM – 2:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Vantalakka2:30 PM – 3:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Kumkuma Puvvu3:00 PM – 3:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Intinti Gruhalakshmi3:30 PM – 4:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Pallakilo Pellikuturu5:30 PM – 6:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Guppedantha Manasu6:00 PM – 6:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Yeda Loyallo Indradanussu6:30 PM – 7:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Krishnamma Kalipindhi Iddarini7:00 PM – 7:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Brahma Mudi7:30 PM – 8:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Naga Panchami8:00 PM – 8:30 PMMonday to Saturday
Krishna Mukunda Murari8:30 PM – 9:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Malli9:00 PM – 9:30 PMMonday to Friday
Ennenno Janmala Bandham9:30 PM – 10:00 PMMonday to Friday
Avunu Valliddaru Istapaddaru10:00 PM – 11:00 PMMonday to Saturday
Idi Kadha Kadu11:00 PM – 1130 PMMonday to Friday

If you want to watch these best serials On Star Maa, a very well-liked Telugu TV channel, then in this post we have some very fantastic entries in the Star Maa and Star Maa HD serials list today so that you may watch them and have fun with friends and family alike.

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Star Maa Serials Complete List 2023

Are you looking to know what the Star serials List is? Here’s what all new Star Maa Serials List 2023 listed below:

S.No.Serial Name
1Brahma Mudi
2Krishna Mukunda Murari
3Guppedantha Manasu
4Janaki Kalaganaledu
5Intinti Gruhalakshmi
6Intiki Deepam Illalu
7Krishnamma Kalipindhi Iddarini
8Ennenno Janmala Bandham
9Kumkuma Puvvu
11Madhura Nagarilo
12Nuvvu Nenu Prema
14Pallakilo Pellikuturu
15Chirugaali Veechene
16Paape Maa Jeevanajyothi
Star Maa Schedule serial list

1. Pallakilo Pellikuturu

Plot: Sasirekha, an advanced and self reliant woman, meets Abhiram, a traditional guy. Could really they find their happy lives ever after after being forced into marriage?.

Starring: Shravan Kumar, Aditi Tripathi

Director: Meer

2. Krishna Mukunda Murari

Plot: IPS Murari marries Krishna, an aspiring doctor, in order to fulfil his superior’s final request. What actually occurs when his first love, Mukunda, stands in their way?.

Starring: Gagan Chinnappa, Prerana Kambam, Yashmi Gowda

Director: Suresh Palakurthi

3. Paape Maa Jeevana Jyothi

Plot: A sudden and tragic event leads to a girl, who was the apple of the eye of her family members, getting separated from them.

Starring: Priyatham Charan, Pallavi Ramisetty, Preeti Nigam, Hritesh Awasthy

4. Nuvvu Nenu Prema

Plot: Padmavathi is a lively young woman and Vikramaditya is an arrogant businessman. When their lives intersect, the unexpected happens and they realize they cannot live without each other.

Starring: Pavithra B Naik, Swaminathan Anantharaman

5. Kalisi Unte Kaladu Sukham

Plot: An independent woman, Geethamma, uses the experience she has accumulated over the years to keep her family together amidst its ups and downs.

Starring: Prabha, Bhavya Gowda, Lirisha Kunapareddy, Bhavana Samanthula, Selvaraj

Director: Malineni Radha Krishna

6. Malli

Plot: Aravind, a young man from the city, meets Malli, a smart village belle. After seeking shelter in a hut, the two are forced to get married.

Starring: Bhavana Lasya, Pawon, Deepa Jagadeesh, Jaya Shri

7. Vantalakka

Plot: Murali, a kind-hearted man, falls in love with a beautiful girl from an affluent family. However, the two youngsters face various hurdles in their relationship. E25. – Less

Starring: Dhiraviam Rajkumaran, Sanjitha, Shirin, Nizhagal Ravi, Monika Kadempally

8. Kumkuma Puvvu

Plot: Jayanti leaves behind her newborn illegitimate child and moves on with her life. Years later, the mother and daughter reunite, leading to strong repercussions on their lives. E1738. – Less

Starring: Asha Sarath, Sajan Surya, Aswathi, Shelly Kishore, Shanavas

Director: Praveen Kadakkavoor

9. Rakhi Poornima

Plot: A righteous woman is raised by a loving and mischievous brother. However, their relationship gets tested when she gets married to a cruel man.

Starring: Likitha Murthy, Madhu Babu, Suraj Lokre

Director: Bala Koti Reddy Sattaru

10. Srimathi Srinivas

Plot: When an ordinary man lies for the sake of love to marry a woman who hates dishonesty, he calls for trouble. Chaos ensues when the wife realizes that the foundation of their relationship is a lie.

Starring: Chandan Kumar, Ankita Amar, Sheela Singh, Vishwa Mohan, Baswaraj

Director: Sanjeev Reddy Lingala

11. Intiki Deepam Illalu

Plot: Krishna finds himself in a difficult position when he is forced to marry a woman he does not like. However, she turns out to be the ideal daughter-in-law and looks after the well-being of the family.

Starring: Shivakumar Marihal,  Priyanka Jain, Deepika

12. Guppedantha Manasu

Plot: An academically talented girl is forced by her father to get married and give up on her dreams of having a successful life.

Starring: Raksha Gowda, Mukesh Gowda

13. Kartika Deepam

Plot: Deepa, a dark-skinned girl, is treated badly by her fair-skinned sister. She gets married to Dr. Karthik but has to fight societal and family pressures in order to lead a happy married life. E1395. – Less

Starring:  Amulya Omkar, Keerthi Keshav Bhat, Maanas Nagulapalli, Manoj Kumar, Archana Ananth

Director : Kapuganti Rajendra

14. Ennenno Janmala Bandam

Plot: Out of love for Khushi, Vedha marries her father to look after the young girl and help her father win her custody when his ex-wife begins to create trouble for them.

Starring: Niranjan BS, Debjani Modak, Meenakshi, Aanand

Director: Suresh Palakurthi

15. Janaki Kalaganaledu

Plot: Janaki, who wants to become an IPS officer, puts a stop to pursuing her dream and marries Ramachandra. Despite his mother’s wishes, he goes to great lengths to help Janaki realize her ambition.

Starring: Priyanka Jain, Amardeep, Raashi, Raja Ravindra

16. Devatha

Plot: Gopi succeeds in persuading Prem and Nandini to set aside their differences and come together. Archana gets pregnant and Gopi’s joy knows no bounds.

17. Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Plot: A caring and self-sacrificing homemaker, Tulasi, decides to stand up for herself and rediscover her identity after being cheated on and berated by her husband for being good for nothing.

Starring: Kasthuri Shankar, Harikrishna, Prashanti, Nikhil Nair, Chaganty Sree Harsha, Poojitha Reddy

Director: Vijay Krishna

Where can I watch Star Maa serials online?

The Disney+ Hotstar app makes it simple to watch Star Maa TV serials online. The only remaining steps are to download the app and purchase a membership for yourself.

Which is the new Star Maa serial to watch?

Vantalakka is the latest serial from Zee Telugu Channel, you can this serial on the channel at 2:30 PM Daily.

What is the No 1 and Best serial on Star Maa Channel?

As of now, Karthika Deepam is the No 1 and Best Serials on Zee Telugu Channel in terms of TRP ratings.

What is Karthika Deepam serial timings?

You can watch Karthika Deepam on the Star Maa channel at 7:30 PM (Monday to Saturday).

What is the time of Guppedantha Manasu Star Maa Serial?

This Daily Serial will be broadcast at 7:00 PM on Monday to Saturday.

Star Maa Serials List and Timings 2023

This is the Post about the Star Maa Serials List and Timings 2023 and the Latest Updates, Complete List. So, keep checking back for more information.

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