Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates 2023 | Upcoming Kannada movies releasing on OTT

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates & Digital Rights: The Kannada film industry is producing content at an astonishing speed. Every month, huge number of films are being made and released, each with its own narrative and excellent cast. Kantara and KGF 2 are recent kannada releases that have demonstrated their strength at the Indian box office. Are you a Kannada Movies fan looking for the release date of your favourite Kannada film? This page is specifically designed to provide information about Kannada Movies On OTT. As a result, you can find new Kannada movies on ott Details. We know that many of you are looking for a Kannada movie ott release date.

As a result, we will post information about the new Kannada movie ott release dates. You can save this page for upcoming kannada movies on OTT 2023. The upcoming Kannada movies listed below have been sorted by OTT Platforms and digital release date. So, without further ado, here is a list of upcoming Kannada movies that will be available to stream on OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sun NXT, Disney+ Hotstar, and Netflix.

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates 2023

Movie Name Digital Streaming RightsDigital Release Date
VedhaZEE510 February 2023
Triple RidingPrime Video03 February 2023
GarudaPrime Video01 February 2023
Dr. 56Prime Video26 January 2023
Dil Pasand Sun NXT20 January 2023
Head BushZEE513 January 2023
10Prime Video23 December 2022
Totapuri: Chapter 1ZEE523 December 2022
PaatraNammaflix16 December 2022
Monsoon RaagaZEE509 December 2022
Love 360Sun NXT27 November 2022
KantaraPrime Video24 November 2022
Guru ShishyaruZEE511 November 2022
Window SeatZEE528 October 2022
DolluPrime Video17 October 2022
Sita RamamPrime Video11 October 2022
Lucky ManPrime Video07 October 2022
Gaalipata 2
ZEE505 October 2022
Devaru BekagiddareVoot Select30 September 2022
Rama Rama ReZEE530 September 2022
Arjuna SanyasiNammaflix30 September 2022
Kirik ShankarSun NXT30 September 2022
Yellow BoardPrime Video29 September 2022
SugarlessVoot Select23 September 2022
Shiva 143Prime Video23 September 2022
Thurthu NirgamanaPrime Video16 September 2022
HopePrime Video15 September 2022
Tootu MadikeVoot Select09 September 2022
Vikrant RоnaZEE502 September 2022
Sakutumba SamethaVoot Select02 September 2022
PetromaxVoot Select26 August 2022
Bairagee Voot Select19 August 2022
Harikathe Alla GirikatheVoot Select12 August 2022
Kaaneyaadavara Bagge PrakataneZEE512 August 2022
GargiSonyLIV12 August 2022
Shabaash Mithu (Kannada)Voot Select12 August 2022
Local TrainSun NXT09 August 2022
777 CharlieVoot Select29 July 2022
Arjun GowdaZEE529 July 2022
MysuruNamma Flix29 July 2022
Kalbettada DarodekoraruVoot Select26 July 2022
SalagaSun NXT25 July 2022
Physics TeacherVoot Select22 July 2022
Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode HeegeZEE522 July 2022
RocketryPrime Video26 July 2022
LankePrime Video18 July 2022
Critical KeertanegaluPrime Video16 July 2022
Aatakkuntu LekkakkillaVoot Select15 July 2022
I1Prime Video13 July 2022
IndiraVoot Select08 July 2022
Dear VikramVoot Select30 June 2022
Twenty One HoursPrime Video23 June 2022
Doctor Strange 2 (Kannada Dub)Disney+ Hotstar22 June 2022
PurushottamaVoot Select22 June 2022
MaarikondavaruVoot Select17 June 2022
O2 (Oxygen)Disney+ Hotstar17 June 2022
Avatara PurushaPrime Video14 June 2022
TrikonaPrime Video10 June 2022
HarivuPrime Video10 June 2022
Body GodPrime Video09 June 2022
Twenty One Hours (Rent)Prime Video08 June 2022
K.G.F: Chapter 2Prime Video03 June 2022
Jana Gana Mana (Dub)Netflix 02 June 2022
By Two LoveSun NXT25 May 2022
Dear SathyaPrime Video23 May 2022
RRRZEE520 May 2022
The Kashmir Files (Kannada)ZEE513 May 2022
Mugil PeteZEE513 May 2022
BeastSun NXT & Netflix 11 May 2022
BhavachitraVoot Select06 May 2022
Man Of The MatchPrime Video05 May 2022
JamesSonyLIV14 Apr 2022
Old MonkPrime Video06 Apr 2022
SakathSun NXT & Netflix 04 Apr 2022
VaradaSun NXT01 Apr 2022
Radhe ShyamPrime Video01 Apr 2022
Hey Sinamika Netflix31 Mar 2022
Ombatthane DikkuPrime Video25 Mar 2022
Valimai (Kannada)ZEE525 Mar 2022
SriKrishna@gmail.comSun NXT21 Mar 2022
SaluteSonyLIV18 Mar 2022
Love Mocktail 2Prime Video15 Mar 2022
RiderZEE511 Mar 2022
ObbaZEE504 Mar 2022
Drishya 2ZEE518 Feb 2022
Man Of The MatchPrime VideoFebruary 2022
Family PackPrime VideoFebruary 2022
Love You RachchuSun NXT14 Feb 2022
100ZEE504 Feb 2022
One Cut Two CutPrime Video03 Feb 2022
Badava Rascal Voot Select26 Jan 2022
Garuda Gamana Vrishabha VahanaZEE513 Jan 2022
Govinda GovindaNetflix & Sun NXT26 Dec 2021
Bhajarangi 2 ZEE523 Dec 2021
Eternals (Dub)Disney+ Hotstar12 Jan 2021
Marakkar (Dub)Prime Video17 Dec 2021
Kannadiga Zee517 Dec 2021
KondaPolamPrime Video09 Dec 2021
Sooryavanashi Netflix03 Dec 2021
RoberrtPrime Video25th April 2021
ArishadvargaPrime Video25th April 2021
PogaruPrime Video26 Mar 2021
Ninnila Ninnila (Kannada Dub)Zee519 Mar 2021
ACT 1978Prime Video09 Mar 2021
V (Kannada Dub)Prime Video09 Mar 2021
ClueSun NXT23 Feb 2021
Murder (Kannada Dub)Prime Video24 Jan 2021
MaaraPrime Video16 Jan 2021
Mane Number 13Prime Video25 Nov 2020
Bheemasena NalamaharajaPrime Video29 Oct 2020
Shivaji SurathkalZee507 Aug 2020
French BiryaniPrime Video23 Jul 2020
LawPrime Video16 Jul 2020
KhakiSun NXT19 Jun 2020
Kannad GothillaPrime Video20 May 2020
Love MocktailPrime Video12 Mar 2020
DiaPrime Video08 Mar 2020
Nanna PrakaraPrime Video04 Mar 2020
GirgitlePrime Video18 Feb 2020
Kapata Nataka PathradhariPrime Video15 Feb 2020
C++Prime Video15 Feb 2020
VrithraPrime Video15 Feb 2020
Avane SrimannarayanaPrime Video01 Feb 2020
BirbalPrime Video18 Jan 2020
V1 Murder CasePrime Video15 Jan 2020
DevakiPrime Video07 Jan 2020

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in February 2023

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
VedhaFebruary 10, 2023ZEE5
Triple RidingFebruary 03, 2023Amazon Prime Video
GarudaFebruary 01, 2023Amazon Prime Video

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in January 2023

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Dr. 56January 26, 2023Amazon Prime Video
Dil PasandJanuary 20, 2023Sun NXT
Head BushJanuary 13, 2023ZEE5

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in December 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Totapuri: Chapter 1December 23, 2022ZEE5
Love Today (Kannada)December 23, 2022Netflix
10December 23, 2022Amazon Prime Video
PaatraDecember 16, 2022Nammaflix
Monsoon RaagaDecember 09, 2022ZEE5

Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in November 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Love 360November 28, 2022Sun NXT
KantaraNovember 24, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Guru ShishyaruNovember 11, 2022ZEE5

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in October 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Window SeatOctober 28, 2022ZEE5
DolluOctober 17, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Sita RamamOctober 11, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Lucky ManOctober 07, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Gaalipata 2October 05, 2022ZEE5

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in September 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Kirik ShankarSeptember 30, 2022Sun NXT
Rama Rama ReSeptember 30, 2022ZEE5
Arjuna SanyasiSeptember 30, 2022Nammaflix
YellowBoardSeptember 29, 2022Amazon Prime Video
SugarlessSeptember 23, 2022Voot Select
Shiva 143September 23, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Thurthu NirgamanaSeptember 16, 2022Amazon Prime Video
HopeSeptember 15, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Tootu MadikeSeptember 09, 2022Voot Select
Vikrant RоnaSeptember 02, 2022ZEE5
Sakutumba SamethaSeptember 02, 2022Voot Select

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in August 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
PetromaxAugust 26, 2022Voot Select
BairageeAugust 19, 2022Voot Select
Harikathe Alla GirikatheAugust 12, 2022Voot Select
Kaaneyaadavara Bagge PrakataneAugust 12, 2022ZEE5
GargiAugust 12, 2022SonyLIV
Shabaash Mithu (Kannada Dub)August 12, 2022Voot Select
Local TrainAugust 09, 2022Sun NXT

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in July 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
777 CharlieJuly 29, 2022Voot Select
Arjun GowdaJuly 29, 2022ZEE5
MysuruJuly 29, 2022Namma Flix
Kalbettada DarodekoraruJuly 26, 2022Voot Select
Rocketry: The Nambi EffectJuly 26, 2022Amazon Prime Video
SalagaJuly 25, 2022Sun NXT
Physics TeacherJuly 22, 2022Voot Select
LankeJuly 18, 2022Amazon Prime Video
Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode HeegeJuly 16, 2022ZEE5
Critical KeertanegaluJuly 16, 2022Amazon Prime Video
I1July 13, 2022Amazon Prime Video
IndiraJuly 08, 2022Voot Select

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in June 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Dear VikramJune 30, 2022Voot Select
Twenty One HoursJune 23, 2022Prime Video
PurushottamaJune 22, 2022Voot Select
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Kannada Dub)June 22, 2022Disney+ Hotstar
MaarikondavaruJune 17, 2022Voot Select
O2 (Oxygen)June 17, 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Avatara PurushaJune 14, 2022Prime Video
TrikonaJune 10, 2022Prime Video
HarivuJune 10, 2022Prime Video
Body GodJune 09, 2022Prime Video
Twenty One Hours (Rent)June 08, 2022Prime Video
K.G.F: Chapter 2June 03, 2022Prime Video
Jana Gana Mana (Kannada Dub)June 02, 2022Netflix

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in May 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Dear SathyaMay 23, 2022Prime Video
RRRMay 20, 2022ZEE5
The Kashmir Files (Kannada Dub)May 13, 2022ZEE5
Beast (Kannada Dub)May 11, 2022Sun NXT & Netflix
Man Of The MatchMay 05, 2022Prime Video

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in April 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
JamesApril 14, 2022SonyLIV
Old MonkApril 06, 2022Prime Video
SakathApril 04, 2022Sun NXT & Netflix
VaradaApril 01, 2022Sun NXT
Radhe ShyamApril 01, 2022Prime Video

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in March 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Hey SinamikaMarch 31, 2022Netflix
Ombatthane DikkuMarch 25, 2022Prime Video
Valimai (Kannada)March 25, 2022ZEE5
SriKrishna@gmail.comMarch 21, 2022Sun NXT
SaluteMarch 18, 2022SonyLIV
Love Mocktail 2March 15, 2022Amazon Prime Video
RiderMarch 11, 2022ZEE5

Nikhil Gowda’s Romantic action entertainer Rider Movie will be available for streaming on 11th March 2022 on ZEE5. Love Mocktail 2 Movie is all set to premiere on 15th March 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in February 2022

Kannada film Drishya 2 will be available for streaming on ZEE5 on February 18th. Obba Kannada Movie starring Vishal, Dimple Hayathi, and Yogi Babu will be available for streaming on Zee5 on 4th March 2022.

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in January 2022

The most awaited Kannada film, Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana will be available for streaming from 13th January on ZEE5. Dhananjaya’s 2021 Year End Blockbuster Badava Rascal Digital Streaming from Jan 26th on Voot Select.

Upcoming Kannada Movies OTT Release Dates in February 2022

Danish Sait’s One Cut Two Cut sets premiere date on Amazon Prime Video, February 3rd. 100 Kannada Movie will be available for streaming on 4th February on ZEE5.

Best OTT Platforms For Kannada Movies

Here are the Top Most Used OTT or Digital Streaming Platforms that are entertaining Kannada Movie Lovers.

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Sun NXT
  3. Netflix
  4. Disney+ Hotstar
  5. Zee5
  6. MX Player
  7. Jio Cinema

Finally, The Post is All about the Digital streaming dates of upcoming Kannada Movies. So, you can check the Latest Kannada Movies Release dates in Amazon Prime Video, Sun NXT, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, etc.

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